ASB Region Mannheim/Neckar organizes medical service at SRH twilight marathon

Over 100 emergency personnel on site - cooperation with other aid organizations.

(Mannheim, 10.05.2022)) With more than 100 emergency personnel, six ambulances, six rescue vehicles as well as two emergency medical vehicles, the rescue and medical surveillance service is well positioned at the SRH twilight marathon next Saturday. The ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region will provide about 90 forces, the service is supported by forces of the German Red Cross Mannheim, the Johanniter-Unfallhilfe Mannheim, the Malteser Hilfsdienst and the DLRG Mannheim. In addition, motorcycle squadrons from ASB Karlsruhe will provide rapid first aid on site. "The cooperation with other rescue services and aid organizations is going extremely well," says Johannes Kattermann, head of emergency services at ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region. Once again, the "4 für Euch" alliance - the merger of the four Mannheim rescue services and the Mannheim shoulder-to-shoulder alliance - is proving its worth here, Kattermann continues. The great support provided by volunteers is also essential, "without our volunteers, an operation of this magnitude would be inconceivable," explains Kattermann.  

Extensive preparation for several weeks

The ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region has been preparing the operation for weeks. In addition to the organization of the task forces, this also includes comprehensive material procurement as well as concrete exercises and practical instructions, for example for communication. Alerting the vehicles and foot squads is an essential part of the operation. "We have to ensure that an alert can take place at any time and in any place," says Kattermann. To reduce radio traffic, incident command will set up an alert for all mobile units using a special app on duty phones issued specifically for this operation. The operation is coordinated from the ASB rescue station in Käfertal. This is where the command center and, initially, the vehicles are located. In addition, there is a location in Mannheim city center at the Rosengarten. The section command there coordinates the foot and stretcher teams. Also at the Rosengarten is the accident assistance center for the initial treatment of patients. A further location with a section head is being set up in the Seckenheim district of Mannheim.

SRH twilight marathon with many imponderables

For two years, the SRH twilight marathon was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. For the first time since 2005, the winners will be determined on a double lap through Mannheim. The traditional Ludwigshafen section will be omitted. "For us, this means more missions," explains Kattermann," because up to now, the task forces in Ludwigshafen were responsible on the ground, now we Mannheimers are responsible for all potential patients*." In addition, he says, this year's run cannot be compared with the marathon from 2019. "Back then, for example, we had ideal and, above all, cool weather conditions," said Kattermann, "on Saturday we expect beautiful weather and correspondingly high temperatures." That could lead to circulation problems for many runners*. In addition, there are probably many inexperienced runners at the start who have no marathon experience. "Many of them started running during the Corona pandemic," Kattermann suspects, "but they have no competition experience. Along the course, all operational scenarios could occur, such as exhaustion, dehydration, muscle cramps, strains and bruises. "We're expecting mostly internal conditions, and we'll have a surgical injury or two," adds Kattermann.

Preparation for special situations - cooperation with the city and fire department

Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out that events of this magnitude may cause major damage. Even for this case, the ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region is well prepared, there are already designated collection points. "Of course, we do not assume such special situations," reassured Kattermann, but ultimately one must be prepared for everything. In this context, he praised the good and long-tested cooperation with, for example, the city of Mannheim, the Mannheim Fire Department, the police and the control center, which would quickly take effect in such a case.

Cooperation with the press

During the operation, the press spokeswoman of the ASB Mannheim/Rhein-Neckar region, Frauke Kühnl, will be available for all press inquiries.

She can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Mobile: 0151 / 613 173 17 or 0172/ 881 3994