Assisted living

Living in an assisted living facility

Living in an assisted living facility opens up the opportunity to retain the self-determination and independence to which one is accustomed. The design of both an independent life, but also the security of help and support is available. Not anonymity but respect for personal needs determines the atmosphere of the senior living facility.

Open offers are available if there is a desire to organize the daily routine and leisure time together. For example, visiting cultural events, sporting encounters, excursions and discussions. In mutual exchange, there is room to develop ideas and activities.

The open atmosphere allows everyone to get involved to the extent they wish. You will find our assisted living offers in connection with our retirement homes as well as in Mannheim's city center.

All information about living in an assisted living facility

The basic service in these facilities includes care, service telephone, home emergency call, first aid in case of emergency, organization or arrangement of delivery service for laundry, food and medicines, counseling in personal and institutional matters, as well as recreational activities and community events as an open offer.

Where help and care are necessary and desired, these can be called up directly as part of the optional services.

In the case of additional services, such as housekeeping and/or nursing services, it can be freely decided whether these are used by ASB or another service provider.

ASB guarantees in any case and at any time the appropriate care by ASB-owned services.


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