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Volunteering, civic engagement or voluntary work: the names for a voluntary activity are varied, but what is always meant is the commitment to others in which you yourself also gain - you get involved, get to know like-minded people, do something meaningful and can simply have fun.

Motivated to participate here?

We attach great importance to voluntary help - whether in civil protection, in the ambulance service, in the outpatient hospice service, the Wünschewagen or in contact with senior citizens. Everywhere, volunteers are helping others and donating their time. If you too can imagine getting involved and would like to support our work, we look forward to hearing from you! 

You can get involved in these areas:

Medical service

Would you like to experience soccer matches, concerts, comedy events, sporting events and other major events live and in the front row? Then become a paramedic at events. Fun and excitement are guaranteed!

Contact: Johannes Kattermann
E-mail: notfallvorsorge@asb-rhein-neckar.de


Would you like to volunteer for our ASB-Wünschewagen ? You will accompany our passengers on their way to their desired destinations. Before you set off on your first journey, you will undergo comprehensive training. After all, caring for and accompanying people in their final phase of life places high demands on everyone involved. During the training, you will learn how to identify critical situations during the desired journeys and, if necessary, initiate appropriate measures. In addition to technical details on care, first aid and legal issues, you will also learn how to deal with death, dying in different cultures and how to deal with the subject yourself.

Contact: Tina Schönleber
E-Mail: wuenschewagen@asb-rhein-neckar.de

Outpatient hospice service

Volunteering is a firm pillar in the hospice movement. However, it is not always only dying people who are accompanied by volunteers. Often, family members and friends are also dependent on help and need comfort, understanding and relief. Sometimes it is small gestures that can make a big difference: Listening, sharing joy and sorrow, reading aloud, going for a walk and much more. New hospice companions are prepared for their future volunteer work in five weekend seminars and a 40-hour internship. During their volunteer work, they are supported by regular telephone and personal counseling, supervision/practice counseling, and continuing education opportunities.

Contact: Christiane Pröllochs
E-mail: hospiz@asb-rhein-neckar.de


Gratitude, appreciation and the feeling of having done something good for others: Especially in the care sector, they get a lot in return for their volunteer work. Whether it's playing a game together, reading from the newspaper or going for a walk, elderly people in care facilities are happy to be talked to and given a change of pace.

Contact: Nursing Unit
E-mail: pflege@asb-rhein-neckar.de

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We help here and now. This film shows what that means in concrete terms, who is behind it and how it works.
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