The ASB Senior Citizens' Home Johann-Philipp-Bronner-Haus in Wiesloch

The single and double rooms (approx. 17 m² and 25 m² respectively) in the ASB Senior Center are optimally adapted to the needs of older people. The bright rooms with large windows have a living area, a senior-friendly bathroom with shower and toilet as well as cable connection and telephone. Of course, the rooms can be furnished according to personal taste with your own smaller pieces of furniture.

The "Johann-Philipp-Bronner Haus" complies with strict quality guidelines that are regularly reviewed. This ensures that the residents are always cared for according to the latest medical and nursing knowledge. This is achieved by: Agreement on individual care planning.

Activating, rehabilitative care designed to restore people to the ability to care for themselves to a large extent.

Adapted gerontopsychiatric care for people who are mentally impaired by senile confusion, senile depression or Alzheimer's disease.

Our understanding of care

We care for people in need of care and assistance, taking into account their needs and abilities. Our goal is to enable you or the residents to live a dignified, self-determined life. For us, activation and well-being are therefore in the foreground.

Eating and drinking should be a pleasure. In bright and friendly dining areas, varied and balanced food is therefore offered, tailored to individual eating habits. The lunch table is also open to seniors in assisted living.

In the comfortable lounge areas, the residents of the house like to meet for a chat, to play together or to have coffee with their friends and relatives. Coffee is served daily from 2 p.m. in these areas. Guests from the surrounding area are also welcome here.

Once a week, we hold a church service in the multi-room on the ground floor. Here our residents find a place together to gather strength for everyday life in silence and reflection.
When the weather is nice, our garden and the terraces on the 1st and 2nd floors invite you to relax in the sun. Chairs are available in the summer, and coffee and cake can also be served outside on request.

In addition to individually tailored care, we also offer a wide range of services, including vacation, short-term and respite care. In addition, we offer a wide range of activities for recreational activities, in which we also respond to the wishes of the residents.

In the comfortable lounge areas, residents of the house have the opportunity to chat, play together or have coffee with their friends and relatives. When the weather is nice, our garden and the balconies on the 1st and 2nd floors invite you to relax in the sun. Chairs are available in the summer, and coffee and cake can also be served outside on request.

Other services

Administration, house technology and social services support you with further services such as:

  • Advising relatives on dealing with government offices and authorities.
  • Arrangement of driving services.
  • Space Maintenance.
  • Laundry Cleaning.
  • Flower care.
  • Repair Services.

Impressions "Johann-Philipp-Bronner-Haus"


    All services at a glance

    Vacation and short-term care

    People who only need care and support for a short time are welcome as guests at the "Johann-Philipp-Bronner Haus". The offer of vacation and short-term care is tailored to those who are normally cared for at home and only need outside help for a limited time.

    This may be the case, for example, when the daughter who is caring for her father wants to go on vacation with her family

    Short-term care can also be useful following a hospital stay. In these cases, care insurance benefits can also be claimed. The ASB senior center "Johann-Philipp-Bronner Haus" has set itself the goal of making the stay in vacation and short-term care as pleasant as possible.

    In addition to comprehensive medical-therapeutic care, guests are also offered leisure activities such as singing, painting, handicrafts and excursions. We would be happy to inform you in a personal conversation about vacation and short-term care.


    You would like to receive more information about "Johann-Philipp-Bronner-Haus" or have further questions? Please feel free to contact us. We are here for you!


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