4 for you: The aid organizations in Mannheim

First joint appearance of the new alliance - welcoming the trainees in the field of rescue services.

(Mannheim, 08.10.2021) Under the motto "The rescuers of the future", the four aid organizations DRK, ASB, Johanniter and Malteser welcome the new emergency paramedic trainees in front of the baroque castle in Mannheim. Around 80 trainees gathered in the courtyard in front of the palace and were welcomed by the respective management or boards of the organizations. The "4 for You" alliance is keen to draw attention to the importance of young people's involvement in social professions.

Rescue service in Mannheim well positioned

A total of around 745 employees work in the rescue service at the four aid organizations, and 126 young people are undergoing training. In addition, there are another 85 people who are doing either federal voluntary service or a voluntary social year with the organizations. This means that the rescue service in the Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar area is well positioned and has no capacity problem.

Focus on careful training and continuing education

The alliance "4 für Euch" not only attaches importance to the best possible training, but also to demanding further training for all rescue and emergency paramedics. To this end, all organizations regularly rehearse various scenarios. Mannheim also has the advantage of being home to two state schools for rescue services. Training to become a paramedic usually takes three months, while training to become an emergency paramedic takes three years. Since the profession of emergency paramedic was created in 2014, ASB, DRK, JUH and MHD have trained a total of around 1340 young people in this interesting and demanding profession in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Starting the new job - with empathy and commitment

On October 1, the 27 future emergency paramedics began their training with the respective aid organizations in Mannheim. They will be prepared to help people in emergency situations at the respective state schools, rescue stations and also clinics. Theory and practice go hand in hand. The job is not always easy; the trainees are constantly confronted with people who, for example, are in severe pain and find themselves in a helpless situation. Empathy is therefore one of the most important prerequisites for this profession. Commitment is also required so that the Auzbis can make decisions independently and confidently in an emergency later in their careers.

"4 für Euch" - the new alliance With the new alliance, Mannheim's aid organizations want to represent their interests together in the future. This does not only apply to rescue services in the city area or ambulance services in the Mannheim/Heidelberg/Rhein-Neckar-Kreis region. The alliance will also be involved in other areas in the future. Further joint projects are planned in