Experience report bike leasing

Have fun & get there faster:

Timo Schmitt was the first employee of ASB Mannheim/Rhein-Neckar to take advantage of the BusinessBike offer and buy a new bike. The medical student, who has been working as an emergency paramedic for ASB for years, is thrilled: "I never thought I would enjoy riding a bike so much again," he says. It's been at least 10 years since he's been on a bike, so he jumped at the chance to lease one. The gravel bike he bought is a lot of fun. It is an all-terrain racing bike that can also be ridden on gravel paths and thus off the road.

Timo Schmitt would recommend the leasing offer for employees without reservation

The ordering process was straightforward, the advice and handling in the bike store pleasant, and the new bike arrived quickly. What's more, he is faster and much more mobile with his new means of transportation: It takes him 30-45 minutes to get to the university and the rescue station in Heidelberg. In contrast, it takes him a good 1.5 hours to get from his home in Schwetzingen to Heidelberg by public transport. At rush hour, the new bike even beats the car, especially since the annoying traffic jams and construction sites can be easily bypassed.

A glance at the paycheck shows that the financial aspects of bicycle leasing are also right, says Timo Schmitt: "The leasing rate is based on the total price of the bicycle and can therefore be influenced individually. He himself took the opportunity to buy a more expensive bicycle. He would like to use this more in his free time, in addition to trips to work, and try out bikepacking, for example. On these special bike tours lasting several days, you often travel off the beaten track with light luggage as a self-supporter.

Faster, more mobile, more environmentally friendly, even the health aspect is not neglected when riding a bike: The 31-year-old reveals that he has also become significantly fitter in recent weeks. What does he wish for? Pleasant weather, because riding in rain and snow, he is not so cycling fanatic. A better developed cycling network away from major roads would also be nice.

Incidentally, there is no way around wearing a helmet for the medical student. As an emergency paramedic, he has seen too many people with serious head injuries.