Everything under one roof - new ASB customer center in Mannheim

A good place to start at 8 Edison Street.

Beaming faces of ASB employees at the "Grand Opening" in Edisonstraße; our services with direct customer contact will be found under one roof in the future. These include the home emergency call, the project Wünschewagen, the broad/ first aid training, the outpatient hospice service, the senior citizen counseling, a day care and the driving service of the subsidiary GeBeP. The customer center is open daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. People who have a concern that ASB can help or who are looking for advice are welcome to stop by during those hours. "It was important for us to create a contact point for our customers," says Joachim Schmid, managing director of ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region, "we want to help, here and now, and as easily as possible. Direct and uncomplicated contact with people is a major concern for us and is also in the long-standing tradition of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund."

Home emergency call: Feeling safe at home or on the road is not difficult - only 15 grams

"Personal contact with our clientele is important to us," says Daniel Maier, head of ASB Hausnotruf. "We cater to individual wishes and are always available," he adds. More than 1,500 people in Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar district already use the service. The installation of the house emergency call by our Mitarbeiter*innen is possible without structural changes. If required, connection can be made at short notice within two days; there are neither connection nor hidden additional costs. If desired, customers can also leave a key so that the staff can enter the apartment immediately in an emergency. An offer without a key is also possible, in which case relatives, for example, are notified via the ASB home emergency call. In addition, there is the offer of the mobile emergency call, should a customer be on the way to the front door. The home emergency call team can be reached at

Wünschewagen - a nationwide project of the ASB

Meanwhile, 23 Wünschewagen are on the road throughout Germany to fulfill a special wish for seriously ill people in their final phase of life. The project was launched five years ago and is financed exclusively by donations. The ride is free of charge for the guest, and volunteers support the rides. The Wünschewagen in Mannheim has been rolling along the streets since September 2016, fulfilling last wishes of the heart. Many things have been made possible since then; for example, participation in family celebrations, a visit to the zoo or to a place that is particularly important to the guest. The coordinator of the project in Mannheim is Tina Schönleber. She can be reached at  

Broad-based training - more than just first aid courses

Everyone is familiar with the classic first aid course, and most people have already taken one, for example when they were getting their driver's license. For many, however, this was some time ago; a refresher course can not only do no harm, but also save lives in case of doubt. In addition to the first aid courses, the ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region offers much more; for example, special courses for certain professional groups, for school classes, or for parents and people who have a lot to do with children. Here, for example, there is the course "First Aid for Children". Contact:

Don't be alone in difficult hours - the outpatient hospice service

The outpatient hospice service of ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region advises and cares for people in the palliative phase. We accompany them at the end of their life in their home environment or in institutions. We also offer support for family members. We stand by them in the difficult hours of parting. The outpatient hospice service; that is expertise and accompaniment - but above all always an open ear and a loving word. Contact:

When everything becomes too much - the senior citizens' advisory service Mannheim North

Older people are often no longer able to cope with the challenges of everyday life. This is also due to the increasing digitalization of our society. Writing an e-mail or filling out a form online is too much for many people. The usual visits to the authorities are also becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, there is the work in the household or the care of relatives. The senior citizens' advisory service provides advice and assistance and also arranges contact with other ASB facilities such as day care, outpatient care services or senior citizens' facilities. Contact:

A good time - day care at the Mannheim-Käfertal site

When the weather is nice, the day care center in Edisonstraße likes to use the terrace behind the house. Here, among flowers and plants under a large parasol, it's a good place to spend time. Stories are read aloud over coffee and cake, or there is an exciting rate quiz. Spacious rooms on the first floor offer plenty of space for a shared meal, for games, but also retreats for a short nap. The day care center in Mannheim-Käfertal has room for 15 guests. For older people who can no longer manage well on their own during the day, who are lonely and looking for company, but still want to continue living in their own four walls. We cater to the individual wishes of our guests, for example if day care is only desired on certain days. Contact:

With us you come everywhere - the driving service GeBeP of the ASB  

The driving service of GeBeP, a subsidiary of ASB Baden-Württemberg, drives children and adults with disabilities to daycare centers and other facilities such as workshops. A total of 25 vehicles are on the road in the Mannheim area every day. However, individual trips are also offered, for example when an elderly person who is no longer mobile needs to go to the dentist. Incidentally, GeBeP, a society for the care and support of people with physical and/or mental disabilities, is also looking for drivers who would like to help out. This is also possible as a part-time job or on a 450 euro basis.


The ASB customer center at Edisonstraße 8 in Mannheim-Käfertal is open from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00. fek