The ASB nursing home Domizil am Leimbach in Sandhausen

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In our ASB-Seniorenheim Domizil am Leimbach in Sandhausen there are several nursing living areas. These are divided into 5 residential care groups, each with 15 care places. The living areas are bright and generously designed. All residential groups have their own open kitchen and a comfortable lounge and dining area. In the light-flooded common areas, our residents can meet and talk informally or drink coffee with their relatives. In the common areas there is always variety; conversations, games and activities. With us, no one has to be alone - together instead of alone! On the ground floor of our retirement home there is a residential group with a "protective character" for residents suffering from dementia and those at risk of running away. A separate garden in this area enables these particularly vulnerable people to move about freely.

On the first and second floor of our retirement home there are 2 nursing home groups each with 15 nursing places. These are exclusively single rooms with their own bathroom (shower/WC). However, it is also possible to combine two single rooms into a small apartment, so that married couples or siblings can live together in a combination of bedroom and living room. The cozy and comfortable furnishings of the nursing rooms are ideally suited to the needs of older people and meet all the requirements of modern nursing facilities. Our residents can design their rooms individually and also bring their own smaller furniture.

Connected to the bright dining and living rooms, there are large balconies on the upper floors and a spacious terrace with a beautiful small garden on the ground floor, which invite you to linger.

We offer our residents:

  • activating care and individual support
  • Basic care
  • Treatment care according to doctor's orders
  • Social care
  • Accommodation and catering
  • Care groups for people with limited everyday competence.
  • Diverse employment offers
  • Barrier-free movement throughout the building
  • Good connection to public transport

In addition, we offer a variety of activities for leisure time, the wishes of our residents are always the focus.

In nice weather our garden and invite the balconies on the 1st and 2nd floor to relax in the sun. In the summer, chairs are available, on request, coffee and cake can be served outside.

Our understanding of care and quality

We care for people in need of care, taking into account their needs and abilities. Our goal is to provide them with a dignified and - as far as possible - comfortable life.

to enable them to live a self-determined life. Thus, activation and well-being are in the foreground for us.

Based on the quality management system of the ASB state association with about 70 senior care facilities in Baden-Württemberg (which have been rated very good by the MDK), the entire staff team works according to modern care and quality standards and regularly participates in advanced and further training.

Just as with the three existing senior care facilities, we will also receive the "Green Hook" quality certificate for our "Domizil am Leimbach". This expresses that our senior care facilities are "consumer friendly" and that our residents feel comfortable with us and that we meet all the requirements for a high quality of life in old age.

Our care takes into account all the individual needs and abilities of our residents.
Our goal is to enable them to lead a dignified life that is as self-determined as possible.
Activation and well-being are our priority.

Structural equipment

  • Single room with shower and WC
  • Modern care beds, shapely furniture in attractive wood decor
  • Personal small furniture can be brought with pleasure
  • Open bright common areas and a garden
  • Modern wellness care bathroom
  • spacious group rooms (lounges, dining rooms, multi-rooms)
  • Telephone connection with senior citizen telephone, cable TV connection, computerized light call system
  • Cafeteria on the first floor
  • Hairdresser
  • Garden and terrace areas
  • Shopping facilities in the direct neighborhood

All single rooms (approx. 21 m²) in the facility are optimally adapted to the needs of older people. The bright rooms with large windows have a comfortable living space, a senior-friendly bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as cable connection and telephone.

Of course, the basic equipment (nursing bed, closet and table/chair) of the room can be furnished and supplemented according to your personal taste with your own smaller pieces of furniture and pictures.

Eating and drinking should be a pleasure. In bright and friendly dining areas, varied and balanced food is therefore offered, tailored to individual eating habits. The lunch table is also open to seniors in assisted living.

In the comfortable lounge areas, the residents of the facility like to meet for a chat, to play together or to have coffee with their friends and relatives. Coffee is served daily from 2 p.m. in the residential care areas or in the spacious cafeteria on the first floor.

Church services of the Protestant and Catholic parishes are held at regular intervals in the Multiraum. Here our residents find a place together to gather strength for everyday life in silence and reflection.

Impressions "Domizil am Leimbach"


    All services at a glance


    Basic services at these facilities include 24-hour service, home emergency call, emergency first aid, organization or arrangement of delivery services for laundry, groceries and medications, counseling in personal and institutional matters, and recreational activities and community events as open services.

    Where help and care are necessary and desired, these can be called up directly as part of the optional services.

    Residents may also receive housekeeping assistance for a separate fee, e.g.:

    • Apartment cleaning
    • Laundry supply
    • Driving services
    • Meal Service
    • Care services are arranged through the outpatient care service

    Assisted living

    In addition to the nursing areas, the ASB Domizil am Leimbach also has 33 assisted living apartments in the solitary and penthouse floors.

    These senior-friendly apartments, each with its own bathroom and kitchen, are designed to be barrier-free. In addition to the basic services, which include a 24-hour emergency call system and social counseling, the care and supply contract also provides for optional services. These can be additionally ordered by the residents. Among other things, household services such as laundry or meal services can be ordered.

    The 21 bright apartments in the solitaire as well as the 12 apartments in the penthouse location are between 41 m² - 96 m² in size and are equipped for senior citizens without door thresholds and trip hazards. In particular, the bathroom and kitchen are furnished in such a way that even people with limited mobility can manage their household independently. From their balcony, residents in the penthouse location have a very beautiful view over Sandhausen and in the direction of Heidelberg/Odenwald or in the direction of the Palatinate.

    Vacation care / short-term care and preventive care

    In addition to full inpatient permanent care, we offer several interspersed short-term care places for people in need of care who only require care and support for a temporary period.


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