Opening of Parkresidenz am Neckar in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen

"In Heidelberg's Ziegelhausen district, operation of the ASB senior care facility "Parkresidenz am Neckar" begins in mid-July.

In addition to the care facility with 75 care places, this will also offer 20 assisted living apartments and an ASB outpatient care service in Ziegelhausen and Schlierbach.

The official opening date is August 12, 2019.

Ziegelhausen and Schlierbach are characterized by steep ascents and descents. The differences in elevation there can become an insurmountable obstacle for elderly people with limited mobility and especially for those in need of assistance and care, thus severely limiting their independence and self-sufficiency options. The "Parkresidenz am Neckar" enables the residents to continue to live in their familiar surroundings despite age-related restrictions and, due to the central location, to maintain their independence as far as possible and to actively participate in social life.

The senior citizens' facility was realized on the site of the former hotel restaurant "Schwarzer Adler". The old building was renovated and extended while preserving large parts of the old structure. At the same time, a modern five-story new building and a smaller building with underground parking were constructed. This combination of old and new as well as the view to the Neckar river give the "Parkresidenz am Neckar" a very special charm.

The senior care facility consists of 6 residential care groups, each with 12 to 14 single rooms, as well as a large lounge and dining area with an open kitchen, spread over 3 floors. Each single room has its own bathroom. A living area for people suffering from dementia is planned on the ground floor.

Assisted living apartments are located on the upper two floors of the new building, the so-called staggered floors, and in the adjacent building.

In the guest room of the former "black eagle" there is a cafeteria, which in the future will also be available to the brick houses as a meeting place and venue for training courses or lectures.