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Our free senior citizen advice center Mannheim North

Older people are often no longer able to cope with the challenges of everyday life. This is also due to the increasing digitalization of our society. Writing an e-mail or filling out a form online is too much for many people. The usual visits to the authorities are also becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, there is the work in the household or the care of relatives.

The local senior citizen advice centers in Mannheim are a joint service of the welfare associations and the city of Mannheim. We advise and support you and your relatives in all questions of independent living in old age and also in case of illness, need for care or disability.

The senior citizens' advisory service provides advice and assistance and also arranges contact with other ASB facilities such as day care, outpatient care services or senior citizens' facilities.

We help you to find your way around the legal regulations in the field of elderly care and the care market (e.g. health and long-term care insurance, social welfare, severely handicapped law, care law, etc.).
We advise you confidentially and neutrally - also at your home.

We inform and advise you about:

  • Assistance in private households (mobile social services, neighborhood assistance and home care associations)
  • Home care for the sick and elderly
  • Meals on wheels and lunch for seniors
  • Nursing facilities, short-term care and day care services
  • Assistance mediation after hospitalization
  • Referral to other counseling services (e.g. housing counseling, social services, etc.)
  • Information events, contact and leisure activities as well as senior citizen recreations
  • and for other concerns about your personal life situation

Our consultation is free of charge for you.


Would you like to receive more information about senior counseling or do you have further questions? Please feel free to contact us. We are here for you!

Angelika Kranz-Sperlich

Senior Citizens Advice Mannheim North

Mannheim Visitor Center,
Edisonstraße 8
68309 Mannheim

+49 621 72707-330