The horror of lonely death:

The ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region outpatient hospice service is picking up steam again.

Finally! The relief of the employees of the outpatient hospice service is great. For a long time, Corona had made group evenings, seminars or events virtually impossible. With the relaxations, meetings are now possible again. "We are so happy about that," says ASB outpatient hospice service director Chantal Verveur. "The exchange and conversations are so important, especially in our work," she adds. For the first group evening after a long break, 15 volunteers and full-time employees Chantal Verveur and Doris Detering meet in the rooms of the ASB customer center in Edisonstraße in Mannheim-Käfertal. The need to talk is great. "Through Corona, the topic of dying has once again entered people's consciousness in a completely different way," says one employee, "the horror of lonely death suddenly came very close."

Volunteers make hospice service possible

"Without our volunteers, we would not be able to provide the outpatient hospice service at all," emphasizes Chantal Verveur. "We are one big family," adds Doris Detering. The outpatient hospice service currently has 37 active volunteers. They are regularly offered further training and supervision. The ASB's outpatient hospice service works with the palliative care unit of Mannheim Hospital and several hospitals. In addition, there are cooperations with senior citizens' homes, the St.Vincent Hospice in Mannheim and facilities for people with disabilities. "We also have close contact with various palliative teams in the Rhine-Neckar district," adds Chantal Verveur.

Don't be alone in difficult hours - the outpatient hospice service

The outpatient hospice service of ASB Mannheim/Rhine-Neckar Region advises and cares for people from the age of 18 in the palliative phase. It also offers support to relatives. Seminars, further education and training are financed by donations. Contact: