Extension of the relief allowance for ASB employees

ASB Baden-Württemberg e.V. continues to support its employees and has extended the voluntary relief allowance, which has been paid out since January 2023, as a way of helping in the energy crisis and persistently high inflation, and will continue to pay it after September 2023.

The voluntary, tax- and social security-free relief allowance in the amount of

- 150 EUR per month for full-time employees
(part-time employees pro rata) and trainees
- 50 EUR per month for part-time employees, FSJ and BFD employees.

is paid net, without deductions, on the basis of the currently applicable statutory regulations. The measure is limited until March 31, 2024. During this time, the collectively agreed pay rates in TV-L will be renegotiated and the results as well as the legal regulations in this regard must first be awaited.
In line with our motto "We help here and now", we stand by our employees and are happy to provide support quickly and directly!