Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

After the devastating earthquake in Turkey, ASB sent a reconnaissance team to Turkey to plan the deployment of the FAST (Medical Emergency Response Team).
The reconnaissance team consists of Axel Schmidt, Emergency Relief Coordinator of ASB Foreign Aid, and FAST deployers Cemsid Kiy and Benedikt Bosse. Cemsid Kiy is a doctor and has been a member of FAST since 2013. He speaks Kurdish and has already been on several missions for FAST after disasters. Benedikt Bosse is an emergency paramedic and has been active with FAST since 2019 in the areas of logistics, drinking water and medical care.

At 4:20 a.m., two major quakes of magnitude 7.8 and 6.7 shook southeastern Turkey and parts of Syria, followed by other smaller aftershocks until another severe quake of magnitude 7.5 struck the region at 12 noon. At this point, civilians and rescue workers were already working in many places to rescue buried people from the rubble. At present, more than 16,000 people are thought to have died in the affected regions, and the search for buried victims is still ongoing.

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